Washing Tips & Tricks

Correct Care = Greater Life for Your Products

Washing Instructions

Consult the washing and care instructions of the products.

Do not wash the products at a temperature higher than the one stated on the label. The temperature indicated is the maximum washing temperature.

Do not mix the colors in washing.

Dry at low temperature.

Before stacking the products on the shelves should be completely dry.

Respect the recommended dose of detergent and softener.

Always wash with a full bin but do not load the bin beyond the maximum capacity.

Remove the stains by gently pressing the product with an absorbent wipe. Stains are harder to remove when the products have already dried. It is getting more difficult after they are ironed.

To clean the bucket in the washing machine, use vinegar or special tablets to avoid decalcification.

Make sure that the laundry bin is empty before cleaning begins.

Washing Tips

Do not place the laundry in a closed bin or on a dirty wet floor. Instead, keep it dry and fresh.

Separate the laundry according to the washing label.

Neither overfill the washer nor put too little clothes in the bucket.

Separate dirty clothes from the clothes they just need to air. This helps the environment and your linen.

Use the lowest wash temperature for a good cleaning result.

Detergents have improved over the years.

Usually a wash at 40 degrees Celsius is enough to eliminate stains.


Hang on large surfaces.

The microbes remain in the laundry even after washing. A trick to fight germs is to let your laundry dry in the sun. Infrared radiation has a disinfecting effect.

The laundry that has been washed with optical brighteners turns yellow after prolonged exposure to the sun.

Always dry the colored laundry in the shade.

Try to ventilate the dryer systematically.

Do not put sensitive items on the dryer. Always keep in mind the washing instructions.

Turn off and empty your laundry bucket immediately after the end of the program you have selected. This reduces the crunching of the clothes.